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LightVision Edition:013

Rennie Ellis PasticheSmirk-O-Rama of Rennie Ellis favourites
One of our jobs at Wildlight is to make sure that our customers receive a regular dose of good cheer, as well as a burst of nostalgia for the Australia that existed before the tax reform summit. Our new collection of the late Rennie Ellis’s classic images is sure to bring on a smile and a knowing glow of remembrance of those good old days. Among them you’ll get a good laugh out of: Playboy Bunnies, Feral Brides, Sydney cityscapes in 1978, t&a, private parties, drunk men, christmas banquets, Australian flags, 1980’s retro street life, Melbourne live music scene, Mirka Mora art trams, table dancing, big events and many more miscellaneous moments. It’s the Australia you never wanted to forget, so ready the Kleenex and examine this trove of thoroughly esoteric subjects here.

Brummels Redux  -  Famous Photo Gallery Lives On at MGA Victoria
What better than a gallery within a gallery to relive the good old days of photography! It’s now more than a concept as you can mark the dates from now to 22 January 2012 in your diary for a visit to Monash Gallery of Art at Wheelers Hill in suburban Melbourne for a return season of the famous Brummels Gallery of Photography that was established in 1972 by Rennie Ellis. Brummels was the first gallery in Australia dedicated Brummels-Image by Rennie Ellisto exclusively showing photography. Over an eight-year period Brummels not only hosted a remarkable range of exhibitions by many artists, but was also the social scene and campaign headquarters for a generation of photographers lobbying for artistic recognition.
MGA’s exhibition will feature the work of 19 photographers who exhibited at Brummels between 1972 and 1979, including work  by those who went on to establish significant careers including, Rennie Ellis, Carol Jerrems, Ponch Hawkes, Sue Ford, David Moore and Wesley Stacey. It’s no surprise, given our part in Australian photographic history, that three Wildlight photographers are on this roster of exhibitors:  Jean-Marc Le Péchoux, David Moore and Rennie Ellis.

Background Story

A wooded headland scene by a photographer named Woodland has an inherently dreamy vibe about it and the photography of David Woodland, who shoots imagery for his post-production matte painting work encompassing all terrains from leafy glens to sandy littorals, is a great find in the recent uploads section of the Wildlight library this month. Find that perfect background for your story among David’s extensive collection — all starting with code WL37– on show front and centre here.

Ernst at the beachErnst snaps to for Summer

Able photographer’s assistant Ernst has made his intentions known with that happy clatter of sidelined paraphernalia that spills out of his winter closet at this time of year signalling his readiness for the coming long months of outdoor (possibly fee-generating) activities. Ernie has his mobile charged and ready to take any calls for interesting assignments - give him a buzz!
Main header image: David Woodland-WL37003189
Brummels image: © Rennie Ellis Photographic Archive
Ernst background image: David Woodland - WL370031679

Photographer Spotlight

Jason Busch Photographer

Jason Busch - photographer

Editorial, commercial, hotels - Jason’s clean, elegant approach wins clients

Growing up next door to his father’s old b&w darkroom in New Zealand with the smell of chemicals and drying negatives hanging about the house, Sydney photographer Jason Busch reckoned it could have gone two ways. Fortunately he has never lost the fascination with photography whereby his approach to imagery is to create a graphic or emotive feel, a classic look to make the subject comfortable in its design and surrounding. But most of all its a genuine interest in something he loves doing. For great lifestyle and interiors visit Jason at or see his Wildlight collections here.

Images by Colin Beard

Colin Beard- photographer

Got going with Go-Set, ended up on Starlight’s Trail

Regarded as one of the most versatile and knowledgeable photographers in Australia, Queensland photographer Colin Beard is no stranger to the celebrity spotlight, having launched his career shooting rock groups including the Rolling Stones Australian tour in 1966 for Go-Set, Australia’s premier pop music magazine. He became one of the country’s most accomplished fashion photographers, producing numerous covers and fashion spreads for Vogue, Cleo, Dolly magazines as well as work for The Bulletin and Australian Geographic. The Sydney Morning Herald’s Robert McFarlane calls him a master of light. His photography in books such as The Mountain Men, The River People, Sacred Places and Starlight’s Trail, reflect his deep interest in landscape and social commentary.The same keen eye for an audience grabbing shot is still as evident today for Colin’s portraiture and studio work, Catch up with him on the Sunshine Coast or view his collection at Wildlight here.


LightVision Edition:012

Philip Quirk PortraitOxford Street Blockbuster
Wildlight co-founder Philip Quirk has produced a truly unique graduate thesis by delving into the psyche of an iconic city thoroughfare and has come up with a companion visual Oxford Street Profile bookproject that unlocks the mystery of the sum of the parts that comprises it.  Photographing every building on both sides of the street in a continuous collage from Woollahra to Taylor Square, Phil’s Oxford Street Profile shines an entirely new light along the whole length. Sweeping aside our usual perception of that small piece of neighbourhood a few blocks long that we feel comfortable calling home, is the whole story. The resulting wall of images is reminiscent of the historic panorama of the Sydney harbour shoreline by John Degotardi in the 1860s. View the outstanding results for yourself from 24 August at the OSP exhibition at the Barometer Gallery on the corner of Gurner Street (No 13) and Duxford Street Paddington. It is close to Five Ways Paddington on the Woollahra side of that iconic location. Also, on display is a limited edition hand made book which concertinas to reveal an eight metre! wide print of one of Sydney most famous streets - now that’s taking panoramic photography to new lengths. See it online at

Hooked on Bachman
Dawn sky over Wilpena Pound by Bill BachmanIntrepid Wildlight photographer Bill Bachman never ceases to amaze us with his never ending supply of amazing images covering all things Australian from all over Australia. See his latest collection here and feast on a trove of new visual resources ranging from industrial to lifestyle, captured right up to the present time.

In Days Gone By

Historic Kings Cross imagesWildlight’s archive of niche, region specific, golden oldie images has been tapped by realtor Richardson & Wrench Elizabeth Bay. Using yesteryear shots of Kings Cross and Potts Point for an electronic display in the window of the R&W location on bustling Macleay Street in Potts Point, Sydney. In days gone by it’s clear that things were thinner on the ground but always on the move, just as they are today. R&W director Andrew Hoggett said “we have had some great feedback” to the historic images. During our fleeting visit, there were many people stopped in their tracks, fascinated by the ’step back in time’ historical snapshots. Potts Point, Australia’s most densely populated suburb, is the ‘Manhattan of Sydney’ and attracts types from all walks of life now and as depicted in the images of Kings Cross in the early 1970’s by renowned social documentary photographer, Rennie Ellis. Also on display is a triptych of Kings Cross black & whites by Muriel Mowbray Stephenson, documenting Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Sydney in 1954. Wildlight has Sydney covered back to 1908!

On the Count of TenErnst turns 10

Ernst Graf von Schmeckle, can now count to ten, in High German of course, since he has recently attained that pugnacious age. To mark the occasion, a small banquet was held for friends and relations after which Ernie repaired in lie-flat comfort to the Black Forest for a rest cure to recover from a decade of hard work under the desks at Wildlight Photo Agency.

Photographer Spotlight
Ross Isaacs - Ocean Planet 3D

20,000 leagues under the reef
Acclaimed underwater cinematographer and director, Ross Isaacs informs us from the decompression chamber that he has launched a dedicated 3D underwater production company capable of the highest quality 5K steroscopic footage in any terrestrial environment. Ocean Planet 3D will fin alongside any humpback whale using the  specialised Deep Atom underwater housing and Epic Red Cameras. Ross’s experienced crews will operate from his Port Douglas headquarters. With the ability to capture bespoke 3D CGI base sequences and 3D stock footage, Ross is set to conquer two thirds of the earth. Check out his website or call him on 0417-711-545
to see double vision.

Photographer Spotlight
Hugh Brown - adventure photographer

Hit by lightning, a brush with a big croc, heat stroke - Hugh will stop at nothing for untouched wilderness landscapes
Hugh Brown has come a long way since catching the photography bug in 1998, he now often jets over to Africa or PNG for lengthy  photo assignments for mining corporations. However, his true passion is to capture untouched outback landscapes often in extreme conditions. Hugh would often email fascinating travel journals regailing his physical hardship in achieving an unspoilt location. His stories of the friends and characters he met along the way add great richness to his visual story telling. Hugh has published three books on the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of Western Australia. A character in his own right, visit Hugh’s website to learn more.


LightVision Edition:011

Penny Tweedie PortraitRemembering Penny Tweedie
We learn with great sadness of the recent death of Penny Tweedie, a longtime Wildlight photographer and great friend of the peoples of Arnhem Land and East Timor.  Penny was an outstanding photojournalist and photographer, a kind friend and a much valued member of the Wildlight family. Our sincere condolences go out to her family. Penny’s empathy, compassion and dedication can be remembered through the hundreds of images of Aboriginal Australians in our archive here.

Magical Pan-Australian Collection from Jeff DrewitzLand Cruiser on Western Australia beach
Wildlight Photo Agency is delighted to share this wide ranging collection of top quality images from every corner of Australia. Marvel as we did in the beautiful clear light of photographer Jeff Drewitz’ massive 1,000-strong pan-Australian visual feast that can be enjoyed as you reminisce over the summer holidays and for all your graphic needs this year and beyond. Pictures of enduring quality like these are the hallmark of Wildlight and add to a library of stunning material contributed by more than 50 photographers from the Top End to Tassie.

New Aerials of Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour aerialAlways in demand from our library, Wildlight’s collection of images of Sydney Harbour from the air was recently updated when Andrew took to the skies for some fresh bird’s-eye shots all around Port Jackson—the city, harbour and ocean beaches, inner west harbourside suburbs and lots of places in between. For Sydney at its best - see here for great high-res photographs that are ready to go.

Akubra is Australian for HatAussie Akubra

As Aussie as bush and barbie, koala and kangaroo, the Akubra hat has many other practical uses. Since 1912, Australians have lived, loved and died in their Akubra. Wildlight photographer Grenville Turner has travelled Australia and creatively combined words and pictures to tell the story of the people who wear the Akubra. All Grenville’s Akubra images are model released to boot! “Not only does it shade the eyes from the glare of the hard Australian sun – you can fan a fire with it, keep a snake at bay, water your horse, belt a sheep and swat away flies – or keep it on your head because you like wearing it.” Take a look here for a preview of Grenville’s slant on this most famous of Aussie outback icons or buy the latest (2009) edition of the 96 page picture book at your favourite bookseller or online at ABC Shop.

Photographer Spotlight
Jeff Drewitz Photography

Image by Jeff Drewitz200,000 kms in his new Land Cruiser to bring you the best of Australia
Landscape and scenic photographer, Jeff Drewitz travels the wilds of Australia three months of every year to bring you the breathtaking vistas you see in the Wildlight collection. Apart from adding countless miles to his LandCruiser, Jeff also produces fine quality prints of all his best landscapes. Check out his website or call him on 0412-160-358 to find out how to put Australia on your wall. By the way, Jeff’s collection travels farther afield than Oz, his archive spreads to New Zealand, Norway, USA and other places in Europe.

Photographer Spotlight
Pip Blackwood Photographer

Tearsheet by Pip BlackwoodArmed with a couple of Canons Pip will expertly photograph your high profile subjects before they can finish their first chai latté.
She is one of the best editorial photographers around. Based in Sydney, Pip has captured folio sheets full of high profile people in the public eye. Take a look at her extensive editorial, feature story and tearsheet portfolios. No stranger to a LandCrusier either, Pip has an affinity with the outback, and has covered extensive glossy mag feature stories such as the Deni Ute Muster, Camel Races and cattle musters that’ll bring a tear to Captain Starlight’s eye! Pip has the credentials and the know-how, call her on 0417-088-852 to see her folio in person.


LightVision Edition:010

What better time than winter to dream about the seaside? It’s at the core of Wildlight’s identity as we’re reminded with this edition’s focus on our shimmering shores. The beach still evokes the strong emotions it did in the mid-80s when Wildlight started, as evidenced by Rennie Ellis’ Life’s a Beach library additions. It reveals that prior to the present era of slip, slop, slap*, the yarn mills of the Pearl River Delta got little joy from the Aussie beachwear sector because there wasn’t all that much going on. For once, enjoy this imbalance of trade that saw a lot of people down under soaking up the sun at maximum exposure.

*modern-day UV protection

Aussie party foodShort Back and Slides - Our Quarter Century

Wildlight Photo Agency is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary in 2010. Look forward to stories and images of our history in coming LightVision editions. Wildlight has been the standard bearer for real Australian photography over the years, realised in our amazing library exceeding 30,000 top of the line images from 50 great photographers located in every corner of the country. We invite you to share memories of your own association with Wildlight since 1985, by posting a comment on the LightVision blog.  Whether the good old days were long ago or last week, we’d like to hear from you so we can all share your recollections.

Life's a Beach collectionNo Collars or Cuffs and Little in Between

Enjoy a bonanza of more than 400 iconic archive photos from Rennie Ellis, the late Melbourne photojournalist and renowned master of the Australian outdoor idiom, whose work occupies a whole chapter in the annals of Australian photography. In this new collection, you can relive the Australian shoreline at its colourful best with the sunny disposition of Rennie’s lens revelling in images of people, places and events. You’ll find plenty of party-ready eskies and idyllic beach cricket matches, confronting fronts and sandy rears, that will be as memorable as the time you first remember seeing them. We promise.

Think Big With Environmental Graphics

The built environment becomes all the more grand when decorated with big pictures from the Wildlight library that astound and delight. Firms all over Australia have found a place in their breakout areas, corridors, staff canteens, client waiting areas and meeting rooms to put images of Australia front and centre. Hang Australia up on your walls with Wildlight graphics that boast the high resolution needed to enlarge the image size massively without losing a single pixel of detail. Click here to see how companies are tapping the power of the big Australian picture to release the poetic emotion of our majestic land.

Reflecting on Earlier Visions

We’ve scanned in the third edition of the original lightVision magazine with Robert Besanko’s no-country-bumpkin cover, dating from the dawning days of 1978, to remind you what the photographic scene was like way back when. Although it pre-dates Wildlight, some of the players are still around, like our partner and intrepid technical guru Jean-Marc Le Péchoux, who was at the editorial and publishing helm of this earlier industry publication.  Find out what subjects were on the minds and retinas of our industry associates in those days (like sneakers and photographic equipment auctions and garden nudes) and take a moment to reflect that as much as things change, they somehow remain the same. Reassuring isn’t it!

New Home Page

We’ve updated our home page to create more visual effect and make it easier for you to navigate. is your launching pad for a whole adventure of exploration into the realm of Real Australia in Pictures.

Collection Update

As well as Rennie Ellis’ folios, hundreds of new images have been added to the Wildlight online library. Bill Bachman’s large current collection of amazing images from all around Australia can be found in the recent uploads tab on our homepage under pictures, or open them here>

Photographer Central

Water Magic Exhibition in Sydney

As we write, Richard Woldendorp has just descened after a weeklong aerial photoshoot over the magnificent Western Australian coast gathering spectacular new bird’s eye matierial. You won’t have to wait long to see the results, which will be on show at a new exhibition entitled ‘Water Magic” at the Boutwell Draper Gallery, 82-84 George Street, Redfern in Sydney from 26 August to 18 September, 2010.

Penny Tweedie photo to become a Rolf Harris artwork

Wildlight photogapher Penny Tweedie, long a chronichler of the indigenous Australian landscape, is having her picture ‘Christmas Sunrise’ transformed into an oil on canvas by noted Australian born artist Rolf Harris, CBE, AM

The work (shown here before its final iteration) will appear in Harris’ A Life in Art show at the Clarendon Fine Art gallery in London’s Mayfair from 2 to 19 July 2010, after which it will go on nationwide tour of Britain.

News from the Rennie Ellis Archive

Apart from the collection that incorporates our current Life’s a Beach retrospective, which has recently been acquired by the State Library of Victoria, you can catch two great exhibitions of Rennie Ellis’s work in Sydney and Adelaide:

Up the Cross: Rennie Ellis and Wesley Stacey Until 8 August 2010

Museum of Sydney

Cnr Phillip & Albert Streets, Sydney

Rennie Ellis and fellow photographer Wesley Stacey spent the summer of 1970-71 in Kings Cross, getting to know the locals and delving behind the scenes. Together they captured the sights, sounds and pulsating rhythms of life on the streets, in the clubs and residences of Sydney’s infamous red light district. It was the ’summer of love’ and the Cross was as much a magnet for long-haired pilgrims and avant-garde artists as it was for US servicemen on leave from Vietnam. This exhibition of their photos reveals moments of joy and pathos, the surface glitter and what was going on backstage, providing a fascinating portrait of life ‘up the Cross’ at a unique moment in time.

Candid Camera Australian Photography 1950s – 1970s Until 1 August 2010

Art Gallery of South Australia

North Terrace, Adelaide South Australia

A survey of Australian documentary photography from the 1950s to the 1970s, Candid Camera comprises more than eighty photographs by renowned Australian photographers, including Max Dupain, David Moore, Jeff Carter, Robert McFarlane, Mervyn Bishop, Rennie Ellis, Carol Jerrems and Roger Scott.

Head On Portrait Prize 2010

This portrait of Hugo and Ernst earned Wildlight’s Andrew Stephenson a runner-up spot in the Australan Centre for Photography show judged in Sydney in June.

Sushine Coast School of Photography in Yandina, Queensland

Running for almost a year now with over 200 sudents, Colin Beard reports that the school is planning an ‘In the Footsteps of Saint Francis’ exhibition in central Brisbane at Westpac soon. Check here for more details.


LightVision Edition:009

Time to deck the halls again as another New Year approaches, an auspicious one for Wildlight Photo Agency, which will mark its 25th anniversary in 2010. With your support, we look forward to a great innings for our quarter century milestone

Tips for Blissful Holiday Touring

AustraFree the rockss god damn it!lians are used to spending a lot of time behind the wheel, travelling great distances for work or play. Doing this frequently means the charm of the scenery may wear off pretty fast, but there are blessed diversions.
We’ve gathered a few such images here for your enjoyment and as a mental oasis for instant recall following that inevitable moment of holiday motoring when a chorus of little voices chirps ‘are we there yet?’ which might just about push you over the edge. Steady on, pull over, lie back and think of Wildlight!

Click to laugh at letterboxesLaughing at letterboxes

No matter how far out your outback is in Australia, there is a constant — the national sense of humour — a wry reminder that it’s unwise to take oneself too seriously. Bill Bachman’s recent collection of quirky mailboxes and roadside driveway markers can bring smiles to the faces of even the most jaded of road warriors.

Season’s Greetings and A Happy 2010River jump, Wollondilly River, NSW

All of us at Wildlight Photo Agency wish you good cheer for the Yuletide Season and health and success in the New Year. We appreciate your business and look forward to working together again in 2010. Jean-Marc is in Europe freezing with family, and I’ll be roasting in country New South Wales. So, you can blow canon balls through the office over the holidays, feel free to use the website and hit the credit card. We’ll be back on deck around 11 January, unless it’s a beach day…

Photographer Central


Stand to Applaud!

A retrospective of the work of the late photo legend Rennie Ellis earlier this year staged by the National Gallery of Victoria was accompanied by the limited edition publication ‘No Standing Only Dancing‘ which won a Ruby award for book and slip case at the recent Victorian PICA judging in Melbourne reports Manuela Furci from the Rennie Ellis Archive, see details here for more info and orders.

16th Joop Swart Masterclass

World Press Photo

Wildlight founder Philip Quirk informs us he is the local chair for this annual World Press Photo event held in the Netherlands. The Masterclass is a one-week session with a group of the best photographers, photo editors and agency directors from around the world. The award winners receive an all expenses paid trip to Amsterdam to participate in the Masterclass.
There are 12 places awarded to photographers from the nominations made by regional committees. The Australia/New Zealand committee will finalize its nominations by the end of January 2010. If you think you fit the criteria, contact Philip as soon as possible
. You need to provide a current portfolio by CD or email, plus details of your web site. The committee in Australia comprises Philip Quirk, Michael Amendolia and Robert McFarlane. Check all the details as well as the criteria for Masterclass nomination at the home page for World Press Photo.

Sharing Stories online

Liz Thompson reports on a new cyber medium for children in remote locations and tells us, “We’ve just launched the new SharingStories Digital online site and the young people would love to hear that you’ve looked at, listened to and enjoyed their work. Please take some time to check it out  and leave them some comments. For more information about this novel eCommunity you can contact Liz.

News from Hermit Park

Andrew Rankin who flies the flag for Wildlight in far north Queensland, tells us he’s just published a book from a bi-annual shoot that he does for Catholic Education in Townsville. It’s a 292-page hardcover tome covering images from 30 schools. See a preview here. More info from Andrew Rankin Photography.


LightVision Edition:008

This month Wildlight Photo Agency shakes up an unusual cocktail of odd cordials for you to digest at your leisure…

Turning back the hands of time - old bromides make cool reading

As Summer rolls into frame we’ve reprinted for your reading pleasure the second edition of the original lightVISION magazine published at the end of 1977. Download it here.Download LightVISION Edition 02 from 1977 It proves that photography is not bounded by time, as the material was just as fresh and interesting then as it is now. Thirty-odd years ago, Beatrice Faust was ruminating about the state of visual awareness in Australia (a country of 13 million people); William Clift contributed an engaging collection of photos in his US Court House series and film maker Paul Cox is interviewed by Paul Turner in conjunction with his exhibition at the Australian Centre for Photography. It’s great to turn back the hands of time; we know you’ll enjoy this snapshot of the business as it was over three decades ago.

The greening of Ernie

Ernst in the chromakey studioOur resident Pug and highly paid photographer’s assistant Ernst Graf von Schmeckle, is always looking for alternative avenues to fame. This month he’s become particularly attracted to our new studio green screen, especially when it rains down juicy bones. The good news is there’s no carbon emissions and no waste (well almost none). The virtuosity of virtuality. How green can you get Ernie!

Kill Bill collection

Click to see the Bill Bachman collectionKill Bill! is  the momentarily unkind sentiment we photo-editor types tend to whip up when Bill Bachman, our stalwart contributing photographer from leafy Camberwell, Victoria, sends us a folio of over 800 new images that need to be prepped and published for your use. But we know you appreciate great new material representing a smorgasbord of pan-Australian subjects; you have them in spades here, in his latest montage of everying from portraits of smiling young women and miners to grapes and vineyards, some quirky aerials and abstracts and dazzling close ups of native plants. Thanks Bill, we got over it and of course we love you!

Is Uluru receding from view?

Uluru by Grenville Turner
It depends where you stand. The new Talinguru Nyakunytjaku sunrise viewing area for tourists erected at a cost of some $20 million, which opened recently at Uluru, reminds us that we at Wildlight have had a close eye on the famed rock for what seems to us like eons, even though we count in years rather than millennia.  Grenville Turner took this shot of the south face in 2008 from the exact site of the new vantage point, which marshals visitors to a place well back from the monolith. We thought you’d like to see it with and without the coaches. David Moore, more famously took the images below in the 1960s, long before the trampling down gathered pace and when Uluru was called Ayers Rock. Appropriately, Wildlight was once again up close and personal we can report, as Parks Australia contracted Grenville to shoot the October 8 opening ceremony with The Hon. Peter Garrett AM, Federal MP and Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, many Australian Aboriginal traditional owners, other dignitaries and local Anangu people.David Moore, Uluru Kodachromes

Photographer Central

With over 40 photographers located all around Australia, Wildlight is fortunate to have a network of bureaus acting as photographic listening posts in the four corners of the country. Here are some reports from our photographers on what’s happening photo-wise across Australia.Akubra is Australian for Hat by Grenville Turner
Grenville Turner, a Wildlight founding photographer, has been busy at the Top End following the recent publication of his relaunched 1988 photographic book Akubra is Australian for Hat from Andrews McMeel Publishers LLC. This is a sweeping visual taste of outback Australia with the common theme of the famous Australian bushman’s felt hat. See here for details and orders.
Rodney Hyett, who maintains a shutter eye from wave height for us down on the Mornington Peninsular of Victoria, brings us news that he’s returned to his original theme with a just released “The Great Ocean Road” Calendar 2010, after focusing on “The Surfer’s Coastline” for 2009. Plus, he has produced another new calendar called “Above Melbourne“. Buy them here.Above Melbourne Calendar 2010
Colin Beard, a perennial ray of sunshine for Wildlight up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, tells us that following the success of his exhibition ‘Rock’n'Roll Odyssey’ at the Orange Regional Gallery in July, he is now puttng on a new one called ’Icons of Rock’n'Roll’ at the Main Street Gallery in Montville, South East Queensland. The photographs were taken between 1966 and 1968 for Go-Set Magazine and include pictures of The Rolling Stones taken on their 1966 tour of Australia, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin at the Monterey Pop Festival in June 1967 as well as The Who, Cat Stevens and The Hollies, taken in London in 1967. Click for Go-Set images
Colin has also started a school of photography on the Sunshine Coast. It offers a series of courses, one session per week, over a number of weeks, similar to the courses run by the Australian College of Photography. These courses are intended to provide an alternative to courses at TAFE and other educational institutions for busy people with the intention of maintaining highly professional standards of photography, surpassing the aspirations of TAFE. There’s more info on the following website, including informative newsletters on photography that Colin puts together every month:
Wildlight photographer Mark Lang, who has chronicled Australia through the lens to great effect for decades, has a new and fascinating angle that is sure to be of interest. Mark has been teaching landscape photography recently through the Discovery Ranger program with the Tumut Office of National Parks New South Wales down in the Snowy River region where Aboriginal Rangers take participants through the country and tell them their story, giving a unique aboriginal perspective on the land. Students stay at an old sheep station amidst the alpine meadows. Anyone interested should visit the website and check out some of the lovely work that has been already been done by students in the program. There are plans for this concept to spread statewide as it’s really taking off.


LightVision Edition:007

Enduring visionClick to read the original LightVision magazine from the 70\'s

When we launched our LightVision ezine last year, we told you that its source inspiration was a bi-monthly magazine of the same name that had its origins in Melbourne in 1977 under the editorial stewardship of Wildlight director Jean-Marc Le Péchoux. Then as now the publication provided a snapshot of the history and techniques of photography with an emphasis on people in the business. Back then, well known photographers like Philip Quirk, founder of Wildlight Photo Agency and Rennie Ellis, later a contributing photographer to the agency, were typical authors of the articles. The modern day electronic version carries on this tradition — co-incidentally, with both these photographers still represented in the library—with the added benefit that in its blog format we can receive your feedback and ideas. Who better than Jean-Marc to note these 32 years on: plus ça change… as much as the times change things stay the same at Wildlight, the standard bearer of high-quality Australian photography for almost a quarter of a century. After such a tangent of self-congratulation, you must be wondering, where’s this all leading to? Look here at the scanned pages of LightVISION #1 Australia’s international photography magazine, dated Sep/Oct 1977 (captured as a pdf with searchable text) and you’ll be comforted by the knowledge that nothing has passed you by, corduroys are still the rage and real estate in South Yarra is just as likely to break the bank now as it did back then. Relive that seminal moment on a summer afternoon in the 1820s, when the first photographic image of a French garden taken by heliograph process, introduced what was to become an all-encompassing medium. And to cap the retrospective, this stanza of verse by Minor White, surely will leave us with little doubt that things are bound to be the same in 2041 (but don’t hold your breath!):
“Count inhalations
 Count exhalations
 Count nothing
 Be Breath”

New takes on Suburbia

Click here for the Sydney Winter collectionRefresh your stock of home soil images, covering anything from cliff-top washing lines to ferry commuters to perambulating mums to period pubs, by paying a visit to our new features section where you’ll see that we’ve recently been out and about in the burbs capturing the latest esoterica from everyday life. Remember, Wildlight is pure Oz with an emphasis on ozone (there’s a lot of sea air in our picture library at Let the spray lash your face and rejoice that you’re experiencing the GFC in a sun-filled place.


Hyundai Motors HQ - Environmental Graphics

Going for the Big Picture…

Ever wonder how a small tranny blows up for use in large format installations for offices, displays and so on? See for yourself: Eight massive scenics from large format Wildlight panoramas cover feature walls in the newly fitted out Hyundai Motors head office complex in Ryde, Sydney. The project was handled by George P Johnson, a specialist design firm that also causes big things to happen at trade shows and exhibitions.

Go overseas with Wildlight

Ernst can\'t wait to lift a leg at passport controlPictures from our library now grace two pages of the new ‘N’ Series Australian passport produced by Note Printing Australia. Colin Beard’s lively image (Page 10) of a stockman driving cattle in the Victorian highlands as well as yachts (Page 35) on the Huon River in Tasmania by Tom Keating are among images of Australia printed throughout the document making every visa page unique. This has resulted in a passport which is very difficult to falsify through page substitution or tampering, according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who launched the new document at the end of May.

Wildlight standard bearer and Australian trade power broker, Ernst Graf von Schmeckle, was one of the first to be issued with the paw proof passports, he immediately headed to the ‘drome’ to attend the G8 conference.


LightVision Edition:006

Photography 101: When darkness abounds adjust the aperture.

Yes, yes,we know, we recently promised you that there was light at the end of the tunnel. And there is, even though regrettably, it persists as just a pinpoint. But take heart that during these tough times, there are good savings on offer to help the bottom line. Like Wildlight’s 30% discount on all image prices, which runs until the end of June. We hope you’ve had a chance to take advantage of the savings before now or will do so while they last in the month ahead. A penny saved is a penny earned!

We lift you up!

Welcome to GoondiwindiUsing our superior knowledge of photography, we confirm that you can photograph a rainbow, although that pot of gold at its foot is a little more elusive to capture. It’s why we continue to build a library of thoroughly cheerful images that will gladden your heart and the hearts and minds of the people who see your work. After all, we all need some cheering up these days. We’re sure you can spare a couple of minutes for a good laugh out loud - so dive in here for a slideshow of 50 quick funnies from our archive.

Just in today - Water, water every where…

We’ve just received some fresh aerial images of waterlogged Lake Eyre (with a side trip to spectacular Wilpena Pound) taken by Grenville Turner, so lots to see now and to look forward to at Wildlight Photo Agency, perpetual visual chroniclers of things Australian.Lake Eyre with Water, South Australia

New Collections

Click for Projections on the Sydney Opera HouseBe uplifted by Brian Eno’s wonderful image projections onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House that I recently photographed and which now join our large collection of pictures of this great landmark. Pip Blackwood’s new photos of camel racing out the back of Bourke will make you laugh and Dean Cox’s gallery of close up floral images from Australian gardens is sure to brighten your day. Dean is the technical sales rep for large-format printers at AGFA Graphics and a great font of wisdom for us here at Wildlight as he is for anyone seeking picture perfect solutions in print. Jeff Drewitz takes us off the road again with an energetic series of new images of motoring derring-do in the Victorian Alpine region, where the eagles cry, on a mountain high. There’s a memorable shot of Jeff fording the uncharacteristically swiftly flowing Murray River in his newly kitted out Land Cruiser. Take a spin through our library of all-Australian images at; seeing a folio of spectacular scenics like Shane Pedersen’s recent pix of Tasmania is bound to make you fall in love with dear old Oz all over again.

Australian Gardens Camel Racing in Hughendon by Pip Blackwood
4WD crossing Murray River Mount Murchison on the West Coast Range in Tasmania


LightVision Edition:005

Hail Virtualisation!Andrew uncerimoniously throws out the office

After editing 300,000 ‘trannies’ in December, I spent January denying that photography existed. We kept only 3% of the analogue library, the rest were sent, all 500 kilos, back to photographers. Moving the business to a smaller space couldn’t have come at a better time - significantly reduced overheads; getting back to core business - an online picture library, not a storage facility for analogue IP - hail virtualisation! We have thousands of premium images from our photographers around Australia in the production pipeline and outstanding new collections have recently been uploaded.

New Collection

Pilbara Paradox

It’s like having a great lawn and inviting a puppy over to play; almost certain physical carnage. That’s the paradox facing the Pilbara, one of Australia’s most pristine and remarkable landscapes and also the one with the most mining and developmental activity. We thought it would be a good idea to preserve the memory of the Pilbara before it becomes too full of holes.

Pilbara Paradox by Hugh Brown and David BettiniHugh Brown and David Bettini our intrepid photographers from way out west have done just that with this updated collection of some pretty amazing images. These two WA pros capture the region from different  angles. Hugh’s recent pictures shoot, for the mining giants, are now available online. Hugh has clocked many hours hanging out of choppers over Port Hedland, covered in dust in the open pit mines and lost himself in the boondocks looking for exploration rigs.

As he scans across the open plains, David has concentrated on the ancient beauty of the Pilbara, from the emerald green waters to the coast to the red ragged ranges of the interior. All his recent online images can be found in his latest hard cover landscape book, Pilbara, Western Australia.

Editor’s Choice

Hope Springs Eternal

Regrowth after Ash Wednesday

As history repeats itself with a season of horrendous bushfires, we at Wildlight are reminded of the recurring scenes of hardship, courage and heroism. We also see the benevolent signs of hope as  communities face the daunting task of rebuilding, in some cases starting over almost from scratch. This striking image by the late  Rennie Ellis taken six weeks after the devastating Ash Wednesday fires of 1983 near the Great Ocean Road , Victoria, is a timeless reminder of nature’s powers—good and bad—and a symbol of renewal in the face of destruction. Just add your masthead and gutter!

Early Australian Female Photographer

This month we feature Muriel Mowbray Stephenson, an early Australian female commercial photographer. Her interest in photography began in her native Tasmania at the beginning of 20th century and continued in Sydney, where she moved at the start of the World War I. She worked first in the Darlinghurst studio of C.S. Beers, who published under the title Carlton Series. In the 1940s, she took over the business and published as the Mowbray Series. Her studio was located right in the centre of Kings Cross, Sydney, next to the historic Darlinghurst fire station. Her studio was demolished in the 1970’s to make way for the tunnel. From the balcony she captured the changing face of Kings Cross over the years, including historic events such as the Queen’s visit in 1954.

Muriel Mowbray Stephenson, early Australia commercial photographerMuriel’s distinctive cursive handwriting appeared as title information on the face of thousands of photographs and postcards distributed in Australia for decades.

Click here for a preview of her iconic images, now presented as the Mowbray Collection by Wildlight. These include historic Australian subjects; building stages of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, city trams and views of the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. It is interesting to note that Muriel, who was my great-grand aunt, rarely took credit for her work in her own name; so I am pleased to now give her the recognition she so readily deserves.  Thousands more of her black & white images are still to be scanned. Enjoy a piece of Aussie history!


Wildlight on the move…


Wildlight Photo Agency (Exikon Pty Ltd) is moving from Redfern to Double Bay (a.k.a Double Pay) as of 23 December 2008. Editing the analogue library and sending back transparencies has advanced us further down the path of virtualisation. We don’t need the space and expense of a large office.

Please make a note of our new address and telephone number:

Exikon Pty Ltd
Wildlight Photo Agency

P.O. Box 1606
Double Bay NSW 1360

T +61 (2) 9043 3255

There will be NO FAX - hurray!